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Over the years, Milton Painting And Contracting has completed many commercial and industrial painting and decorating services for businesses in the greater Mendham area. Our professional painters are experienced in dealing with larger painting projects and are extremely skilled in completing even large scale work quickly and efficiently. At Milton Painting And Contracting, we understand that time is money and therefore we guarantee that your painting project will be completed properly, within budget and on time. Here are a few examples of commercial painting services available through our company to our clients in Mendham:

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Mendham Interior Surface Preparation, Restoration and


Our professional commercial painters can expertly and quickly clean, prepare, repair and paint most any interior surface, no matter how large or high. From

the interior of corporate offices to parking garages, our painting crew has the knowledge and experience to make any Mendham area project a success. We

know what paint to use, how many coats to apply and can give you a very accurate cost estimate and time line for any project, helping you plan around our work and suffer as little disruption as possible.


Once you have chosen your colors and textures, our professional painters will quickly and efficiently transform your space according to the pre-established

design you have selected. You can expect their work to be of the highest quality: clean lines between walls and ceilings, evenly applied paint as well as

straight and level wallpapers. Our trained and skilled painters have plenty of experience in painting homes all over the Mendham area and they will ensure

that any hole or imperfection in the walls to be covered with either paint or wallpaper will be properly plastered and sanded, then thoroughly cleaned before any paint or wallpaper is applied.

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Mendham Exterior Surface Preparation, Restoration and


We all know the toll the elements can take on buildings. No matter how high the quality of the paint used is, eventually you will need to restore your

building by applying a new coat of paint. Let our experienced commercial painters help. They know how to strip old paint and prepare your surface so

that your new coat of paint lasts as long as possible. Our team has a lot of experience working on exterior surfaces and will in no time make your Mendham area building look like new.

Mendham Commercial Design Consultations:

Your business or place of work is a second home, so why shouldn't it be inviting and pleasant to work in? The way your business or commerce looks is also a big

factor in the impression your clients have of you and your organization. Our trained and qualified interior decorators can help you make the most of your

commercial or corporate building in Mendham by making suggestions for low cost, highly impressive features that will transform your business or office into

a beautiful, corporate environment. Most people do not know that paint colors and textures can have a big influence on mood, and therefore productivity. By

following the advice of one of our certified decorators, you are investing in more proficient workers and more interested buyers.

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